I’m Sarah, author and creator of the Gluten Free Baking Chronicles and The Little Gluten Free Baking Blog. I was diagnosed with Coeliac’s Disease as a teenager back in 2008 and have been navigating the world of gluten-free cooking and baking ever since. After a decade of experience baking in my own 100% gluten-free kitchen, I understand how important it is to support others in the gluten-free community, whether you’re a coeliac or gluten-intolerant. Gluten-free life can be hard and daunting, particularly for those most recently diagnosed. But not to worry, if you’ve stumbed across my blog, then you’re in luck! Creating delicious, too-good-to-be-gluten-free recipes for others to devour is something I’ve always enjoyed, hence why I started this blog back in 2021, where I’ll be sharing some simple, seasonal and delicious gluten-free recipes to help make gluten-free baking a piece of cake!